Is building energy efficiency modeling worth it?

We all want to build well, with quality and at a reasonable price. Before starting construction, it is important to make sure that the insulation solutions of the building’s enclosure structures, the level of tightness, the windows, the heating and ventilation system will meet the defined energy efficiency class. It is also important to make sure that the construction costs of the building will be economically reasonable. This is exactly whatthe building energy efficiency modeling service helps to achieve.

A qualified specialist will suggest how to save:
– Optimal materials and thicknesses will be selected for the insulation of your building structures;

– Will offer the cheapest and most effective sealing solution;

– Will recommend more efficient/cheaper solutions for ventilation and heating systems;

Loose blown wool - is it a good solution for building insulation?

This heating method has been popular in Western Europe, America and even cold Scandinavia for many years. Special shredding and blowing equipment is used for warming, loose blown wool fills the insulated structure evenly and tightly. A single layer of blown loose cotton guarantee excellent heat, sound and fire insulation.

Blown bulk wool is made of environmentally friendly, ecological materials – recycled cellulose or recycled mineral wool fibers.

More about the sealing with loose cotton wool.

Intermediate measurement of building tightness. How does it differ from the final measurement?

Intermediate measurement of building tightness we usually do before the final finishing of the building. In such a case, we can run ahead of bad scenarios, identify problematic places for sealing, and recommend how to fix them (seal them). During this service, together with the blowing door equipment, we use a thermal imager, anemometer, and a smoke generator. Our sealing specialist will spend as much time as necessary to find and repair any problem areas in a timely manner.